P90x and Me: Week 1

One week ago I started the P90x journey.  90 days of insanity.  One week in and I feel GOOD. 

I am pretty much out of shape.  I am broad shouldered so I can hold some weight but I am the heaviest I have been (5’10” and 225 lbs).  All the weight sits in my gut.  I don’t have any flab on my arms or legs.  I had enough.  My wife and I are going on a week long cruise the Saturday after Thanksgiving and want to lose some weight before we leave.  I have tried going to gyms before but never kept up with it.  I need a structured program to follow and a trainer for every session is just too much money.  So we both decided to try P90x.

The day after the first session, my body was sore.  I hadn’t done any exercise in a looong time so I expected it, but it felt good.  The next day was Polymetrics, an explosive cardio program with jumping.  Let me tell you.  It is hard.  Couldn’t keep up with the program but I did as much as I can. 

As the week progressed, I found myself pushing harder with each day, trying to push out one more rep or go on for 10 more seconds.  I don’t necessarily look forward to each days program, but I am, for the first time ever, doing something each day because I want to.  I don’t want to skip a day of exercise.  I even surprised myself by pushing hard on days when I do the program alone.

Today is day 7, either rest or the stretch DVD.  I am going to rest the 1st week (mainly because I am going to a Jimmy Buffet concert tonight and won’t be home to do the stretch program). 

They say the first week is the hardest.  If you can get through that, you see some results and will keep it up.  I can vouch for that.  I was sore everyday this week.  Each day a new part of my body hurt, especially after yoga.  But my body feels a little tighter.  My pants bunch up a little in the waist.  I haven’t been able to suck in my gut this far since I was 40 pounds lighter.

My goal for the 90 days of P90x is to do the program everyday, and show improvement week in and week out with each program.  Be able to push harder and keep up with the DVDs.  My overall fitness goal is to get to between 180-190 lbs.  The summer of 2002 I was 178 lbs.  I met my wife that year.  Since then, my son and daughter were born and I became more complacent.  I gained 47 lbs (sounds so bad when you actually say it) and haven’t basically done much since then.  I want to be able to keep up with my kids and be there for them for years to come.

I will keep you posted on my program and let you know how it is working.

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