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Well, I haven’t wrote ANYTHING in a long time, so I guess I should give my views on what The NY Mets have been up to, if they have been following my 5 Keys to Fixing the NY Mets.

They definitely cleaned out the management.  Jerry and Omar are gone and in is Sandy Alderson.  Now, I was asking to bring in JP Ricciardi, and they have, as special assistant to the GM.  Just as good to me. A coup for the Mets, since he had a standing offer to join the Red Sox front office.  They also went ahead and hired Paul DePodesta as Vice President for Player personnel & amateur scouting.  Some have thought that Sandy was too far removed from the game to be an effective GM, but with Ricciardi and DePodesta, the Mets have some excellent baseball brains in the upper trust.  Now, nobody can say the Mets do not know what they are doing.  It will be interesting to see how statistical analysis (Moneyball) will work when there is infinitely more money available to play with compared to Oakland.

Now let’s see what they do for a manager.  They seem to be interviewing everybody (except Booby V – who is now a looooong shot, considering Sandy’s type of manager is the complete opposite of Bobby).  The favorite now seems to be Terry Collins.  He has a relationship with DePodesta and impressed Mets brass in the minor league system.  At this point, I would not have a problem with that decision.

Following up on my other points, I still feel they need to get rid of Castillo and Perez at the very least, and try as they might to get rid of Beltran.  They picked up Reyes option, but if they are not going to sign him to a long term deal, than trade him as well.

Sandy said the Mets will not be buyers this off season, so the free agent market is pretty much dead to us.  All the more reason to trade Beltran and Reyes and try to get some major league talent back.

The team has lowered 2011 ticket prices and gave an additional discount to season ticket renewals.  And they threw in some extras, like batting practice on the field.

So far, the team is heading in the right direction.  The Wiplon’s seem to realize what needed to be done and brought in some heavy hitters.  Let’s give them time and see what else they can do.

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