MoNY Sports: 5 Keys To Fixing The NY Mets

The NY Mets need to make some moves to show they are relevant again and show the fans that they are serious about the organization.  Below I give my 5 keys to fixing the mess that is the Mets.

1) Clean out Mananagement – Get rid of Omar and Jerry   This is mandatory and needs to be done as soon as the season is over.  If the Mets do not do this, then you might as well forget about the rest and be prepared for more of the same. Hire a respected veteran GM.  Do not hire a newbie.  Two candidates to consider are Kevin Towers, JP Richardi.  For Manager, give it to hands on manager.  Someone who will make the most of what they have.  Don’t worry about players feelings.  We are past that point.  Bring back Bobby V or give it to Wally Backman.  Bobby V will be expensive, but it will show that fans that the Wilpons are serious. If they do not want to spend that kind of money on a manager, then the choice is Wally.  Both will light a fire under the player’s asses and get them to play to the best of their abilities.

2) Get rid of dead weight and malcontents.  Try to trade Luis Castillo and Ollie Perez.  If no takers, bite the bullet and cut them.  The Mets will just have to eat the money.  Easier said when it is not my money, but they have to.  Bad contracts were made.  The Mets can’t waste another season and roster space on these players just because of bad contracts.  They have to admit their mistake and suck it up.  We are in NY and we should have the resources fix the problems.  We should be able to, when needed, admit our mistakes and move on.  Philly and Atlanta do and they are significantly smaller markets. The Mets also must trade Carlos Beltran. He is in the last year of his deal and will be looking for another big contract.  He will not resign with the Mets after next year.  Beltran and Boras are annoyed at organization.  Find a team willing to take some of the money and dump him.

3) Trade Jose Reyes.  Not sure if it can be done, but pick up Reyes option then trade him.  You have to trade somebody of value to get value back.  David Wright is the face of organization and a fan favorite.  The move will show the team and the fans that again, the Mets are serious about changing the organization and culture.  Try to get either another short stop, or try to return a 2nd baseman or right fielder. If not, trade him for some top prospects.  If we can’t get a SS, then bring in either Alex Gonzalez or Edgar Renteria. At the same time, send Ruben Tejada to winter ball to get more swings and try to build his offensive game.  If the Mets can’t trade for a right fielder, consider Carl Crawford, if he will sign.  Will be expensive but he is well suited for the ballpark.  The only problem is who will move to rightfield, Bay or Crawford.  Who can play rightfield?

4) Sign Pitching in offseason Some potential pitchers to bring in are Bronson Arroyo, Aaron Harang, Ted Lilly, Javier Vazquez, or Jake Westbrook.    Our starting rotation would be Mike Pelfrey, Free Agent, John Niese, RA Dickey, Jenrry Mejia.  If the recent injury to Mejia is more serious than thought, then bring in a 2nd, lower level pitcher.  I have left out Johan Santana because of the uncertainty of when he will return from his shoulder surgery.

5) New PR campaign to bring back fans. The Mets must engage the fans.  They are disgusted with the team, its moves and results on the field.  The moves described above show the organization is serious about rebuilding and changing the culture. I am not a marketing or PR guy, but try to do more with the fans.  Give them reasons to come to the ballpark.  If they follow these moves, the team might contend but most likely it will will a rebuilding year.  You will need to do something to keep the fans coming to Citifield.

I do not know if all the above moves are possible (don’t know all the rules or which free agents will actually be available), but when all is said and done, the team might look something like this:

Catcher Josh Thole
First Base Ike Davis
Second Base Ruben Tejada
Short Alex Gonzalez or Edgar Renteria
Third Base David Wright
Outfielders Jason Bay
Angel Pagan
Carl Crawford
Pitchers Mike Pelfrey
Bronson Arroyo
John Niese
RA Dickey
Jenrry Mejia
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2 Responses to MoNY Sports: 5 Keys To Fixing The NY Mets

  1. Frank Leotta says:

    great ideas…………bring it one step further. Sell the team to someone who cares. The Wilpons care only about making money. I want an owner who want to win as much as he wants to make money.

    Your cousin Frank

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